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Trusted Mediators East Sussex provides low-income individuals and families with access to mediation assistance in order to resolve disputes quickly, efficiently, and affordably. 

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Legal aid mediation - how it works

Trusted Mediators are happy to introduce our team of qualified and experienced professionals located throughout the UK and are ready to help you have family effective mediation meetings that are tailored to your needs.. Our service is affordable and easy to access, with support available if you need  mediation help. You can rely on Trusted Mediators East Sussex for all your family mediation needs.


Specialized Expertise in Family Mediation:

Trusted Mediators specializes in resolving family disputes with a team of highly trained and accredited mediators. .

Affordable and Accessible Services:

Trusted Mediators is committed to providing accessible services for people looking for legal help with the family mediation process.

Personalized Solutions for Every Family

Trusted Mediators provides tailored solutions for each case. Through free legal help mediation, we assist families in reaching agreements that address their unique circumstances.



Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that helps individuals and families resolve disagreements without having to go to court. In legal aid mediation, a neutral third party (the mediator) facilitates conversations between all parties in order to reach an agreement. The family mediator does not make any decisions about what should happen, but instead helps the parties communicate and come to a mutually acceptable solution


The benefits of mediation include: 

1. A quicker resolution to a dispute, usually in single sessions that can take from one to several hours when you attend mediation.

2. Lowered stress and expense, as both parties share the cost of the family mediator and need not go through costly legal proceedings. 

3. It is often possible to reach an agreement where both sides feel they have been heard and that their interests have been respected, even if no agreement is ultimately reached at the end of the process. 

4. Increased likelihood of compliance with any negotiated settlement achieved through family mediation as opposed to court-imposed rulings or settlements. 

5. Preservation of relationships between parties encouraging them to continue working together in future, if appropriate.


Mediation begins with joint mediation sessions between the mediator and your ex partner in which the mediator will explain the procedure and evaluate if the  family mediation service is appropriate for the situation. Family Mediators are trained professionals who act as a neutral third party to facilitate dialogue between family members. They will ask questions to identify any areas of disagreement and explore potential solutions that may be beneficial for all involved. The goal is to create a mutually agreed upon outcome that can be implemented without any court involvement.


Family mediation is available to those who are financially eligible and have a legal dispute with a partner, family member or an ex partner. This includes disputes regarding child access rights and other matters related to separation or divorce. In order to be eligible for legal aid family mediation, the applicant must meet the eligibility requirements. Legal aid services may also be available for difficult cases in situations where a child is at risk of violence or abuse.


To access free legal aid family mediation service, you can first speak to the Trusted Mediator East Sussex team to  find out what types of services and resources are available in your area. You can also visit the websites of organisations such as the National Family Mediation Council which provide further information on how to access family mediation services. 


If you are not eligible for free legal help for your mediation, then you may need to seek other options for resolving your dispute.  Our family mediators will be able to offer guidance and assistance In some cases, you may choose to handle your dispute without any third-party assistance. If you choose this option, you should ensure that all parties involved understand the process and their rights before moving forward with negotiations.


Legal aid family mediation typically costs nothing for those who qualify.. Those who do not qualify will need to speak to our mediation team to find out what their options are.

At Trusted Mediators East Sussex, we recognize that engaging in mediation can be daunting, particularly in family matters. That’s why we offer comprehensive support through our network of professional mediators. Our team comprises experienced professionals with expertise in mediation, ensuring that you receive specialist guidance and assistance tailored to your unique situation.

Whether you’re navigating separation as part of the divorce process, facing challenges in parental communications  or the family home, or seeking to establish fair maintenance payments, your family mediator is here to facilitate constructive discussions and help you find mutually beneficial solutions. We prioritize transparency and integrity, offering a transparent fee structure and ensuring that you fully understand mediation from start to finish.

Trusted Mediators East Sussex is committed to providing free mediation services to those eligible for legal aid through our legal aid accredited team. Our mediators are trained to create a neutral place where all parties can express their concerns and explore potential resolutions. We ensure that you have the opportunity to participate in mediation in a way that suits your needs.

In addition, our mediators are well-versed in the complexities of the mediation process, including the mediation information and assessment meeting (MIAM) and the completion of court forms, ensuring that you receive comprehensive support every step of the way. We also participate in initiatives like the Family Mediation Voucher Scheme, making mediation services more accessible to families across England.

Trusted Mediators understands that family dynamics extend beyond immediate relatives, which is why we also consider the involvement of wider family members in the mediation process. Whether discussing contact arrangements for special days or addressing childcare costs, our family mediators are equipped to navigate a wide range of family-related issues with professionalism and sensitivity.

When you choose Trusted Mediators East Sussex for your mediation needs, you can trust that you’re working with professional mediators who are dedicated to alleviating distress and fostering positive resolutions. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support you through the mediation process.