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Trusted Mediators East Sussex are experts in family Mediation services. Resolve disputes quickly and avoid court with our help!

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Divorce can be really tough. It’s a complicated and emotional process that requires a lot from everyone involved. When a marriage is ending, couples often struggle to talk to each other and work things out. Sometimes, they end up going to court to deal with all the difficult stuff that comes up. Trusted Mediators East Sussex is here to help.

Who are Trusted Mediators


We are a company that offers expert and professional divorce mediation services to our customers. Our services are positive and solution based.

We endeavour to leave both parties with a satisfactory resolution.


Our primary objective is to facilitate effective communication between spouses. We provide a platform for couples to openly discuss and find common ground on matters of concern.

Should an agreement prove elusive, we step in to mediate and assist in formulating a mutually binding resolution.


When a couple gets a divorce, decisions need to be made about how their shared property will be divided. Child access and support are also important topics to discuss.
Seeking legal advice on divorce and related matters is crucial to ensure a smooth process for all parties involved.
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Trusted Mediators is happy to introduce our team of qualified and experienced professionals located throughout the UK and are ready to help you have effective meetings that are tailored to your needs… Our service is affordable and easy to access, with support available if you need legal help. Our family mediation team, led by accredited family mediator and collaborative lawyer, Anne Leiper, can help you resolve your disputes in a quick, cost-effective, and constructive manner. You can rely on us for all your family mediation needs.

Divorce mediation seeks to assist separating couples face the challenges encountered during the divorce proceedings and help them avoid needing to go through the expensive and tedious process of a court battle.


Divorce mediation is a process by which divorcing couples establish communication through the help of an impartial third party. Through divorce mediation, couples come up with a binding agreement on how to handle particular issues during and after the divorce. Solicitors recommend divorce mediation as the first step in a divorce procedure. and as a trusted method of alternative dispute resolution. Before moving to court, it is advisable to seek divorce mediation services first.


Family Mediation Voucher

At Trusted Mediators East Sussex we understand that divorce and family disputes can be daunting. That's why we offer free mediation services, accessible through schemes like the Family Mediation Voucher Scheme, ensuring cost isn't a barrier. Our accredited family mediators facilitate a voluntary and neutral process, providing online mediation in a safe and confidential environment

Legal Aid

We also provide legal aid for those eligible, ensuring everyone has access to mediation services. We encourage amicable resolutions through alternative dispute resolution methods, prioritizing your best interests. Our mediators act as neutral third parties.

Initial Assessement

With initial assessment meetings to address financial disputes and other concerns, you can participate in divorce mediation sessions with confidence. Our mediators work alongside your own legal advisors, providing effective service and creative solutions tailored to your unique circumstances.

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Trusted Mediators East Sussex understands the complexity of family disputes. You can be confident that we are At Trusted Mediators, we prioritize confidentiality in divorce mediation, ensuring that all discussions and information shared during sessions remain private and protected. in a confidential environment. Your privacy is paramount to us as we work together to find solutions that meet your needs and respect your confidentiality.


The couple controls the major decision points so the process takes less time compared to a court process. This might vary from case to case depending on the number of issues to be deliberated on and the willingness of the couple to arrive at a decision.

Seeking divorce mediation service saves on attorney fees. It’s estimated that divorce mediation service is five times less costly than a court battle.

At Trusted Mediators East Sussex, we understand that divorce can be a challenging and stressful time for families. That’s why we offer comprehensive divorce mediation services to help you navigate this difficult process with support and guidance every step of the way.

Our experienced family mediators are trained to assist you from the initial mediation information and assessment meeting (MIAM) through the entire mediation process. They provide a safe and inclusive environment for all family members involved, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to express their concerns and explore potential solutions.

Whether you’re facing issues related to child arrangements, financial matters, domestic abuse, or any other aspect of your divorce, our mediators are here to help you find common ground and reach a mutual agreement that meets the needs of all parties involved. Our mediators are accredited by the Family Mediation Council and are well-versed in family law, providing you with expert guidance and legal advice throughout the mediation process in a safe and neutral environment. 

Trusted Mediators also offers mediation services funded by legal aid for those with low income, ensuring that cost is not a barrier to accessing the support you need during this difficult time. Whether you prefer face-to-face meetings, shuttle mediation, where family issues are dealt with and sessions are conducted at separate times, or mediation sessions conducted via telephone call, our mediators are dedicated to finding the most effective way to assist you.

During mediation meetings, our mediators facilitate honest discussions and help you identify key issues that need to be addressed; including property matters.. They work with you and your former partner to explore potential solutions and reach a final agreement that is fair and mutually acceptable. This agreement is documented in a memorandum of understanding, providing clarity and peace of mind as you move forward with your divorce proceedings.

At Trusted Mediators East Sussex, we understand the complexity of family issues during the mediation process. Whether you’re dealing with issues related to family finances, child arrangements, or civil partnerships, our specialist team members, including trained family mediators,  are here to provide you with the support and guidance you need during this difficult time. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you navigate your divorce with compassion and professionalism.