Building & Construction Disputes East Sussex

Our Local Trusted Mediators are experts in family and civil mediation services. Resolve disputes quickly and avoid court with their help!


Introducing Trusted Mediator, East Sussex – your solution for avoiding costly delays on property developments.Our professional and effective mediation services will ensure that the disputes between contractors and customers are resolved efficiently and effectively.

Our mediator has a comprehensive understanding of the building and construction industry, including the standards, regulations, and legal aspects that must be considered. With the support of our mediator, parties can expect prompt and impartial resolution, ensuring all voices are heard.

Trusted Mediator understands the importance of keeping your project within budget and on schedule. Our process facilitates communication and encourages mutually beneficial resolutions, to achieve your development goals. Whether you’re a contractor or a customer, do not hesitate to contact us to find out how our services can assist you with your next project.

Resolve Building and Construction Disputes Quickly East Sussex

Our team understands the importance of timely resolution for building and construction disputes to avoid expensive property development delays.

Our experienced mediator, equipped with comprehensive industry knowledge, is specialized in identifying the root cause of disputes and designing effective solutions to resolve them in a fair and swift manner. We will ensure hassle-free dispute resolution and help you focus on your project while moving ahead with confidence.

building and construction disputes

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Streamline Your Dispute Resolution: Save Time, Money, and Keep Projects on Track

At Trusted Mediators East Sussex, we understand the pain points of dealing with construction disputes – from project delays and budget overruns to strained business relationships.

We offer an effective, fast, and affordable solution that caters to your specific needs.

Cost-Effective Solutions
How it Works
  1. Begin: Submit your case to Trusted Mediators East Sussex expert mediators, along with relevant documents and information.
  2. Mediation: Our team facilitates a structured and confidential discussion between the parties involved, working towards a mutually beneficial agreement.
  3. Resolution: Reach a binding agreement and keep your project on track, with minimal stress and additional costs.


Unsure If Mediation Is Right Options?
  • Cost-effective: Save money by avoiding expensive litigation costs and reduced project delays.
  • Time-efficient: Expedited dispute resolution keeps your construction project moving forward.
  • Preserve relationships: Mediation fosters a collaborative environment to help maintain positive business relationships.
  • Confidentiality: Mediation keeps your business and legal matters private, protecting your reputation.